Code of Ethics

  • I will regard the best interests of the people I serve as my primary work obligation.
  • I will respect the dignity and integrity of the people I serve in my working relationship with them.
  • I will fulfill my work obligations in a responsible and objective manner.
  • I will protect the confidentiality of all workplace acquired information. I will disclose such information only when properly authorized to do so or when legally obligated.
  • I will strive to encourage the self-determination of the people I serve.
  • I will ensure that my outside interests including other employment and/or affiliations do not jeopardize my judgment, independence or competence at my place of work.
  • I will work to maintain and promote a high standard of work practice consistent with this Code of Ethics.
  • Within the mandate of the agency, I will strive to promote change for the overall benefit of Society.

Interpretation of CRFSS Code of Ethics available at CRFSS offices.

Adapted and revised from the Code of Ethics for the Board of Registration for Social Workers in British Columbia.